Terms & Conditions

Conditions for “Road Trip Bulgaria” excursions


The Price Includes:

● Entrance fees as per specified excursion

● Vouchers as per purchased tour.

● Kilometrage as per ticket indications.

● Full Tank Petrol/Diesel

● Civil Liability Insurance

● Toll – vignette for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

● CDW – limitation of liability for damage to the amount of the deposit. Valid when submitting a traffic police report. Does not apply to the use of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants, as well as non-compliance with traffic law

● TP – limitation of liability for theft to the amount of the deposit. It is valid only upon presentation of a traffic police report and return of the documents and keys of the rented car

● Replacement car in case of technical problem

● 20% VAT

● Please note that Avatar Tour OOD reserves the right to replace the booked car with a higher class one.


Specified terms and conditions:

1. RENTER will receive from Avatar Tour OOD a link with all the information related to the purchased excursion, i.e. a map with pins representing the highlights of the trip. Each of the pins consist of video/photos/audio guide and navigation arrow which will load Google maps.

2. The limit of traveled kilometers for this excursion is indicated in the description field of the specific trip. This includes 15 % more than the estimated distance, caused by unexpected conditions.

3. All parking fees will be at RENTER’s account.

4. RENTER will receive a fuel card for “Shell petrol stations” limited to the amount of BGN100 per day in case the provided quantity is not sufficient for the specific excursion.

5. The vehicle is provided to RENTER for the time between 08:00 AM and 09:00 PM on the agreed date(s). It has to be returned within the mentioned period. For every started hour after 09:00 PM an additional fee of BGN 20.00 will be charged, payable to the representative of the agency.

6. For every 1 km over the indicated kilometers per purchased excursion, an additional fee of BGN 0,60 will be charged, payable to the representative of Avatar Tour OOD. The kilometers will be determined by the kilometer odometer that indicates the difference between the position at the departure and the restitution of the vehicle.


Cancelation Policy

7.1 If RENTER cancels the excursion the following cancellation fees will be charged by AVATAR TOUR OOD:

a. Up to 48 hours before the start of the excursion: full refund of the prepayment.

b. Between 48 – 24 hours before the start of the excursion, the RENTER will be issued a virtual voucher for the value of the prepayment. This voucher can be used for 12 months after issue date for future rentals. If RENTER has no intention or will not have the opportunity to redeem the voucher for services provided by Avatar Tour OOD, within 12 months after issue date, the RENTER can redeem the voucher for 50% of the face value minus administrative fees.

c. Less than 24 hours before the start of the excursion or in the event of a no-show: no refund

7.2 If the client is forced to cancel his reservation at the last moment (less than 24 hours before the start of the rental) due to the imposition of a state of emergency in his country and the closure of borders, and as a consequence cancellation of the flight, then the period of free cancellation of the order is extended until the moment of the start of the excursion. No fee will be charged and the full prepayment for the next rental will be retained. The prepayment amount will not be refunded, but the customer will be issued a virtual voucher for the value of the prepayment. This voucher can be used for 12 months for future rentals. If RENTER has no intention or will not have the opportunity to redeem the voucher for services provided by Avatar Tour OOD, within 12 months after issue date, the RENTER can redeem the voucher for 50% of face value minus administrative fees. If the client’s flight has been canceled due to the introduction of a state of emergency and he has not been able to realize his rent, but has NOT notified the RENTER, before the start of the reservation, the prepayment will be deducted in full.

7.3 Absence, in all following cases of Non-appearance, when the excursion is not canceled in advance, the amounts paid by the RENTER are not refundable and the reservation is canceled: a. wishes to cancel the reservation but does not notify us before the rental starts; b. due to some circumstances he failed to pick up the car at the agreed time and date and did not notify. c. fails to provide a valid ID card, driver’s license which are required when taking the car; d. does not have sufficient funds to pay the full price of the reservation and / or is not able to leave a deposit for the car according to the conditions for the respective class.

7.4 The refund is done using the same payment method. In the event of credit cards which are charged monthly, the amount shall be credited at the end of the current invoicing period. The exact time of the refund depends on the user’s credit card agreement. The refund by bank transfer shall be done within seven bank working days. Any administrative and or banking fees are on behalf of the RENTER.

8. Extension of reservation after the start of the excursion: If the RENTER wishes to extend his reservation, it is necessary for him to send an inquiry by e-mail or by phone to the representative or agency, contact details as per itinerary. recommend that RENTER ask for an extension of RENTER reservation as early as possible.

9. Avatar Tour OOD reserves the right to change the hotel booking to a booking of at least comparable quality and you will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.


Conditions related to the rental of the vehicle

1. These conditions are legally valid and agreed between Avatar Tour OOD and RENTER.

2. RENTER and additional drivers must be 22 years old minimum and hold at least one year his/her driver license and provide a valid identity card or passport and driving license. Photocopied documents or documents sent by email are acceptable. The rented vehicle may be driven only by persons listed in the contract and authorized by the agency Avatar Tour OOD

3. For Non-EU citizens, an international driver’s license has to be presented by pick up the car. In case of stay in Bulgaria less than six months, a regular driver’s license is acceptable only with a copy of the boarding pass or stamp in the passport, validating the date of entering the county.

4. All road taxes for the territory of Republic of Bulgaria are paid and included in the price.

5. Delivery charge: Free of charge within the resort limits.

6. Collection charge: Free of charge at hotel.

7. Collision damage Waiver (C.D.W.) and Theft Protection (T.P.): C.D.W. and T.P. are included without extra charge with the exception of any damages caused under car body and for the tires – caused by negligence. C.D.W. is valid only if a protocol from the Police Authorities is presented. Does not cover damage to the vehicle due to driving under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicating substances or due to violation of the Bulgarian Traffic Laws. T.P. is valid only if a protocol from Police Authorities is presented and the car keys and documents are returned.

8. The vehicle can only be used within the borders of Republic of Bulgaria.

9. RENTER rent the vehicle described in the “Checklist” which RENTER will sign at car delivery and RENTER’s full name, address and driving license details appear the Reservation form.
Conditions for “Road Trip Bulgaria”

10. Reading this document, RENTER declare that, RENTER agrees and accepts its terms and conditions.

11. A security deposit of EURO 200 is required. The accepted methods of payment are Visa and Mastercard, or cash payment payable during the pick-up process. The RENTER must leave security deposit by card (Visa or MasterCard) issued on his name. With explicit confirmation by Avatar Tour OOD the deposit could be in cash or with bank transfer as the required amount is higher by 100%. Avatar OOD reserves the right to reject a deposit in cash. RENTER will receive the full amount back at return, after inspection of the car.


Use of the vehicle

1. Signing the “Check list” at car delivery, RENTER admits having received the vehicle in good order and condition.

2. RENTER shall return vehicle in all, its tires, specified instruments available, documents, accessories and equipment to the station where the vehicle was rented from or at a place stipulated in the Reservation form/Checklist, on the date indicated.

3. The vehicle shall not to be used:
– For pushing or towing any vehicle on trailer;
– In races;
– For paid carriage of passengers;
– By any person under influence of alcohol or drugs;
– For illegal purposes or carriage of goods;
– While overloaded: for example, carrying more passengers then permitted by the registration papers;


Damages or losses and respective penalties

There is no coverage and the RENTER should pay the total amount of damages or losses in the following cases:

1. The damage or theft of the vehicle is not reported to the local Police and to Avatar tour OOD immediately and a written police report provided;

2. The car keys and documents are not returned in the event of theft;

3. Damage on the underbody of the vehicle; damage or theft of tires, wheel rims and covers;

4. Damage caused to the rented vehicle because of off road driving;

5. Any event resulting from alcohol or drug abuse;

6. Vehicles is used by unauthorized driver or the driver does not possess the required driver’s license;

7. Smuggling of goods or people;

8. Any unauthorized repairs.

9. In case of damage or theft of the car RENTER are obliged to provide all needed documents from the Police authorities. Otherwise RENTER will be liable for the full amount for the respective damages or insurance amount in case of total loss or theft.

10. Lost car documents: A fine of € 200 applies.

11. Lost car keys: RENTER should cover the costs for repatriations for the car and the passengers, as well as the costs for making new car keys.

12. Traffic fines: Tickets and subsequent administrative sanction for traffic violation during the rental period, will be at RENTER’s expense.


After Payment and with the present agreement, AVATAR TOUR OOD rents to RENTER the car for the rental period, rental price and other conditions stipulated in detail as follows:

1. The car shall be delivered to RENTER in good working order, technically fit and complemented, with equipment, accessories and documents, such as: registration card, Insurance Policy”3rd party liability”, keys including remote control unit.

2. RENTER shall be bound:
a. to take due care with regard to the car during the agreed rental period and comply with all technical requirements for the operation of the car, the instructions given by AVATAR TOUR OOD as well as the Insurer’s General Terms and Conditions to the insurance policy of the car, a copy of which provided to RENTER upon signing of this contract;

b. to provide the car against violation by parking it in safety places (parking lot or/and garage, with all protective devices of the car switched on and all necessary safety measures taken;

c. neither to leave the car to another person nor to allow the keys, immobilizers and the protective device’s keys, the remote-control belongings thereto, the registration document and/or another car document to remain in the car;

d. to compensate AVATAR TOUR OOD for damages in cases of failure, damage or loss during the operation of the car resulting from an even uncovered by the insurance policy or in case the Insurer refuses to pay the insurance indemnification under the claimed damage;

e. in case of a car accident, car damage or failure or occurrence of any other insured event to register it as soon as possible, by notifying the local police /traffic police/ in order to draw up a written statement about the accident /event/ and other required documents, as well as to notify AVATAR TOUR OOD at moment of from its occurrence;

f. To pay to the AVATAR TOUR OOD all expense for repairs of the car in cases the service station establishes, that the damage is a result of misuse of the car, erroneous driving and/or driver’s mistake (except the cases of normal wearing out, technical and constructional defects, use of low quality spare parts, etc., which cannot be considered RENTER’s fault);

g. not to let another person to drive the car, without the explicit written consent of the AVATAR TOUR OOD;

h. upon expiry of the rental term or upon early termination of the contractual relations, to deliver the car to the AVATAR TOUR OOD at the stipulated time and place in this agreement place within the working hours established by AVATAR TOUR OOD.

i. to return the car in a good technical and working order (wearing out is considered) along with all accessories, equipment and documents, stipulated in the checklist.

k. RENTER is fully responsible for any administrative fines and / or for any other administrative pecuniary sanctions, imposed in connection with the use and driving of the vehicle and for every individual

l. to compensate AVATAR TOUR OOD for all suffered damages in case the Insurer refuses to pay the insurance indemnification under the claimed damage (party or in full) in the cases when:
– lets a person, who does not possess a driver’s license, or is not duly authorized by AVATAR TOUR OOD to drive the car;
– It is proved that the driver of the car has consumer alcohol or another intoxicating agent;
– in the occurrence of an insured event it fails to ensure or provide to AVATAR TOUR OOD all the required documents for protection of its interests before the Insurer;
– the car was used in the commitment of a malicious crime that was established by the proper authorities pursuant to the procedure provided for in the law;
– the car was used for the provision of taxi services and “rent a car” services against payment, as well as for transportation of goods prohibited by the law;
– the car was used for pulling /dragging/ another car, racing and/or for training;
– the event that occurred is not covered by the insurance policy pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions of the Insurer;

3. AVATAR TOUR OOD has the right to supervise the agreed use of the car by taking the necessary preventive actions to avoid technical damages
(excluding the usual ones as a result of ordinary and proper use), as well as to avoid potential losses and damages;

4. In case of RENTER’s failure to execute its obligations under item 2 with regard to the operation and security of the car, as well as the prohibition leave the car, its documents and belongings to another person, AVATAR TOUR OOD has the rights to terminate the contract unilaterally, without any notification. The termination of the contract shall be affected by a notice in writing delivered to RENTER to its specified mailing address. The car must be returned to AVATAR TOUR OOD on the same day within the working hours established by AVATAR TOUR OOD.

5. In case of break down the car considered as RENTER’s fault, AVATAR TOUR OOD has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally as of the date the damage was established.

6. In case of a car failure that cannot be considered as RENTER’s fault, AVATAR TOUR OOD must replace the car with an appropriate vehicle.
RENTER will use the contact details as per provided itinerary as soon as possible.
If it becomes impossible for AVATAR TOUR OOD to provide such a vehicle, the contract terminates as of the date and time of the reporting. In this case AVATAR TOUR OOD will provide the RENTER a virtual voucher for the value of the prepayment of any missed, kilometrage, event and or restaurant reservation and will take care of the repatriation of the RENTER and his company.

7. In case of damage on the rented vehicle, which is not due to the normal wear and tear, the RENTER is obliged to pay damage excess according to the current general conditions of the AVATAR TOUR OOD for renting a car.

8. All notices between the parties shall be considered correctly addressed if sent to the address of the respective party, specified in the present contract.

9. The agreement shall take effect as from the moment the payment is received a by Avatar Tour OOD.

10. Any amendments and supplementations hereto shall be valid only if made in writing and agreed and signed by duly authorized representatives of the parties.

11. All disputes related to the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken hereunder, including those related to its interpretation, validity and termination, shall be resolved by the parties in the spirit of mutual understanding and good will, by an agreement, and if such agreement may not be reached by Bulgarian Law.

12. If any of the provisions hereof is invalid or unenforceable to a certain extent, it shall be replaced by the imperative provisions of the law and shall not bring about invalidity of the other provisions of the contract.

13. RENTER should be aware that at check-in the returned vehicle is only visually with respect to obvious defect and agrees that any subsequently discovered defect caused by RENTER or the additional driver, that could not be found out by this return inspection will be claimed by AVATAR TOUR OOD on the basis of an expert opinion.


RENTER declares that:

1. I am familiar with the Confidentiality of Personal Data Policy of the companies from the AVATAR TOUR group. Additional Information can be finding here

2. The RENTER declares that the booking, either through a representative of Avatar Tour OOD or through filling the online form has been completed fully and truthfully. Discussions or price differences resulting from incorrect entries of the booking, with either Avatar Tour OOD or any supplier i.e. Restaurants, Museums, Events, Accommodations etc., are for the account and responsibility of the RENTER.

3. I confirm the truthfulness of the circumstances (data) submitted by me in this declaration and in the Agreement above and the right of AVATAR TOUR OOD to check it at any time. All the required information has been submitted by me, to be used by AVATAR TOUR OOD for the purposes of the above Agreement and in compliance with this declaration.


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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