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If you have any more questions about our self-guided tours, cars, terms and conditions, payment or else,  please do not hesitate to contact us on info@roadtripbulgaria.com We will be happy to answer.

Why Road Trip Bulgaria and Who We Are

Many reasons, but the most important:


* All the comforts of an excursion, but with the freedom of a car, in the intimacy of your own family and acquaintances as company.

* Discover Bulgaria at your own pace, stop whenever you want, enjoy the journey of discovery, admire everything and stay anywhere as long as you want.

*With our coordinates you will find your destinations carefree, no hassle with tickets and reservations, we take you by the imaginary hand.

*No puzzling over where to have lunch, we have reserved the best restaurants for you. With our vouchers you can choose a la carte, separate from the standard, regular and chicken and chips.

*Our colleague will bring the fully maintained and insured car to your front door. Along with the travel documents, device and everything you need for your convenience. You can leave the car at your accommodation after a satisfying day.

*Listen, watch and enjoy the audio-video guide whenever and as often as you want. We have audio-visually reproduced all the essential information and more for you in a compact, beautiful and informative way. You don’t have to pay attention to the infamous pink umbrella to barely understand it.

Road Trip Bulgaria is run by Avatar Tour OOD, founded in 2011. With more than 80,000 satisfied customers per year, the success of the company is growing daily, expanding its market within the borders of Bulgaria and beyond!

For over 11 years we have had a consistent, professional, experienced and highly successful team across Bulgaria, arranging more than 25,000 excursions, transfers and events per year and still growing.

We work closely with our well established network of reliable and qualified providers, restaurants and event organisers.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our team.

We can help you in English, German, Dutch and French!

– Office hours are Mon-Fri 09:00 – 18:00 EAT

– Phone +359 8 85 1255

– Email info@roadtripbulgaria.com

During the total duration of your activity, we offer you 24/7 local support for all your questions, the relevant contact information can be found in the travel documents.

Booking, Reservation and Payment

Book Now & Pay Later allows you to make a confirmed reservation for our tours and activities without prepayment!

No deposit is required, but you must add an authorized credit card at the time of making your reservation. There will be a one-time authorization of € 1–, to validate your credit card.

Once you have completed your reservation, you will receive a confirmed reservation. A final payment reminder will be sent five days before your travel date and full payment must be made no later than two days before the travel date.

You will receive a confirmation email at the time of booking; however, the documents such as entrance tickets, vouchers as well as the link to the tour, including coordinates, audio/video guide etc., are only available when full payment has been made. After the final payment you will receive an email with all the information.

If you have not made full payment at least two days before your selected travel date, your reservation will be automatically canceled and any tickets issued will be invalid.

Any credit card changes can be made at any time before the credit card is charged.

You will never be asked to pay more if there is a price increase. Once you have a confirmed reservation, the rate is locked and will not change.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make any price reductions for ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ reservations at this time. If you have reserved an activity and the price drops, you can cancel the original reservation and make a new one to take advantage of the lower price.

Depending on availability, but in principle from 9 months to 16 hours before the start of the activity.

For our cancellation policy, please refer to the “Terms & Conditions” section for detailed cancellation conditions for your specific activity.

For a cancellation request, please kindly contact info@roadtripbulgaria.com directly.

The minimum amount debited from your credit card for validation will not be refunded.

It’s a one-time purchase, no time limits, no monthly or annual subscriptions.

You can depart from the official tour start locations or by arrangement with any accommodation during your stay. Please contact info@roadtripbulgaria.com for more information.

On our website we show the current availability for all our activities. On the website, you simply select the number of participants and the date, then click “Book Now” to select participants and a date.

Please note: in order to get the correct information about availability, it is important that you indicate the exact number of people you want to book for. Availability may change depending on the number of participants you select.

Availability information is constantly updated by our local partners. If a date is not yet open to book (for example because you want to book well in advance), we recommend that you check again a little closer to the date in question.

Depending on the activity, we offer different prices based on age groups (e.g. infant, child, adult) You can see the available pricing options when you select the number of participants on a Tour page.

The “From” price informs you about the best available price for an activity.

Please note that the “From” price may depend on several factors, such as the date of the activity or the option chosen. 

The “From” price only applies if you book the activity for a certain number of people.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to adapt every activity. 

We can only offer an activity as described on our website.

If you have any specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us at info@roadtripbulgaria.com and our team will be happy to send you a matting offer.

To see what’s included with an activity, go to the “Include” section on the activity’s page. Included activities are marked with a green check mark, exclusions by a red cross.

To learn more about the activity’s itinerary (e.g. which stops are included), please see the “Full Description” of the activity.

For more information please contact info@roadtripbulgaria.com.

Yes. You need to establish a successful phone+media link between the tablet or your phone and the car

Of course, you only have to click in the booking form that you are going with your own transport.

Road Trip Bulgaria Specifics

You will find an indicative description of the route and activities under the map in the Route Map section.

This schedule is of course free to interpret, and you are completely free to divide the day according to your own feeling.

Normally, your car and/or relevant information will be delivered directly to your accommodation, wherever you leave the car and the device.

Please communicate this information and any other drop-off address with us in detail. Even if changes take place in the run-up to the day of activity.

In principle, Road Trip Bulgaria is available on all mobile devices

However, unless otherwise agreed, we recommend that you use the specially supplied tablet.

Yes. you will receive the unique audio-video guides at the moment of full payment, so that you can prepare if necessary. For a small fee, a compilation of all the videos from your trip is also available to enjoy and share with your loved ones.

Using the GPS normally uses relatively more battery.

We have arranged for you a charger and possibly a converter for connection to the USB port in your rental car.

As standard we will offer you a typical class B or 4 drs Compact Car.

For 5 – 8 guests we will provide a luxury minivan.

It is also possible to opt for an upgrade to a Class E, luxury limo.

Yes. You need to establish a successful phone+media link between the tablet or your phone and the car

General Information

While travel insurance is not required, we strongly recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure to protect your travel purchases. While Viator does not offer travel insurance, Tripadvisor is now partnering with Allianz to provide travel protection for your travel purchases.

As local health and admission regulations are regularly updated, we recommend that you check the official regulations on the government website(s) for your destination to obtain the latest information regarding: lockdowns, vaccines, quarantine regulations, PCR testing, etc.

If you cannot find the information you need and have already booked the activity, please contact our local partner for information about local restrictions. You will find their contact details on your voucher.

Your sincere review and experiences are very important to us.

We therefore encourage you to share a review of the tour activity.

Note: Reviews are only available for tours and activities booked directly through our website.

Our unique tours are standard offered in English and Dutch, but we have most of the material available in Romanian, Czech, Polish and German.

Please contact info@roadtripbulgaria.com for more information.

–       Drive on the right-hand side of the road.

–       Seat belts must be worn by all occupants of the vehicle.

–       Children under the age of 13 or less than 150cm tall must use the correct child seat

–       Children over 150cm may travel without the child seat but in the back.

–       Use of mobile phones whilst driving is forbidden unless you have a hands free set.

–       The legal blood alcohol content limit is 0.5 promiles.

–       The usage of your car horn is prohibited at all times and in all areas. The horn can be used only in avoiding road accidents.

–       In one-way streets, parking is only where a special zone is indicated, if there is no such a zone you should leave the car on the right side of the street.

–       You are not allowed to wear dark sunglasses, high heels or flip flops whilst driving in Bulgaria.

–       Eating and smoking at the wheel are also forbidden.

–       Drivers must have their headlights on at all times during all the seasons. 

We cannot ensure your chosen child seats will be available in every branch. We will, however, do everything we can to guarantee they are in stock before your arrival.




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