If you like quiet, naturally preserved coastal villages and hidden gems, then here in the extreme south, just 15 km north of the border with Turkey, you are in the right place to discover Sinemorets.
This place could still remain unexplored since, during the communist era, access to the border area was not allowed for citizens.
The name Sinemorets is a direct translation of the Greek original, which is derived from Galazios, or azure; in fact, in the past, this was a Greek enclave.
It is situated at the foot of the Strandzha Mountains and is known for its beautiful beaches, scenic viewpoints and natural beauty that has remained relatively untouched.

One of the most beautiful places around Sinemorets is where the Veleka River flows into the Black Sea via a magnificent estuary.
A unique phenomenon where you plunge into the freshwater on one side of the beach and float on the salty waves on the other.
If you climb the hill that lies just above the beach, you can see how the different coloured waters in the estuary mix. The Veleka River itself is part of Strandja Nature Park.

Join our reserved boat trip or go sporty with the kayak.
Follow the coordinates to the main bridge that crosses the Veleka River, where you will find your kayak or boat.
The bridge is located about 1 km north of Sinemorets. If you are coming from the north, cross the bridge and then take the dirt road on your right.

You can choose to kayak directly to the beach or in the northern direction of the nature reserve, which may be better because you can always relax later on the unique, quiet,lagoon-like beach, a piece of paradise on earth.

The trip across the river is breathtakingly picturesque!

The 147 km long Veleka River rises on the Turkish side of the Strandzha Mountains and becomes 50 m wide and up to 8 m deep at its mouth. Its banks are covered with lush, green vegetation, whose shapes are beautifully reflected in the water by the warm sunlight.






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