Zheravna, Monumental Village


Zheravna, Monumental Village

Zheravna is located in a small valley at 580 m above sea level at the southern foot of the eastern Balkans.
It is an architectural national heritage, consisting of more than 300 authentic wooden houses from the period of the Bulgarian National Revival and as such a source of inspiration for many artists and writers.

Time has stopped here, you don't see people rushing here.
Life slowly passes by here, with the typical quietness of the mountain villages.

The village originated between the 12th and 14th centuries and in the 18th century, it grew into a cultural and craft centre. As the locals grew richer, the architectural appearance of the village was formed by one or two-storey wooden houses surrounded by stone walls and cobbled alleyways.
The village is also famous for its participation in the resistance against Ottoman rule.

The air is filled with village scents and sounds. Many of the houses are now museums and guest houses. The ground floors of other houses function as shops, restaurants and cafes.

It is best to leave your car in the central square and wander around the narrow and winding streets.
Popular sights include the museum house from the beginning of the 18th century; the St. Nicholas Church with antique icons; the museum house of the famous writer Yordan Yovkov born in 1880; and many art galleries and small museums.

If you are lucky you can visit one of the most spectacular and unique festivals in Eastern Europe: The "Festival of Folklore" is a 3-day escape from modern life. People wear old folkloric costumes or uniforms, sleep under the stars and cook on an open fire. Craftsmen, musicians and warriors show their skills with traditional tools and instruments. You can participate in works and thousands of visitors proudly dance their traditional dances together; you are more than welcome to join them.





Zheravna, Monumental Village

Zheravna, Monumental Village

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