Yagodinska Cave


Yagodinska Cave

Yagodinska Cave is the pearl of Bulgaria's cave world.

The cave is named after the nearby village of Yagodina in the Rhodopi Mountains. The Yagodina Cave is a labyrinthine cave with several floors and offers a spectacle of incredibly beautiful caves.

With 10.5 km it is the longest in the mountain range and there is a specially lit path for tourists, of which 360 m has been made suitable for the disabled.

Stately and beautiful formations can be seen along the entire tourist route; stalactites, stalagmites, stalactons, helectites, lakes with ores, likenesses of leopard skins, all kinds of branches, pleated curtains and one of the most unique formations; the so-called cave pearls. A total of twenty-two species of formations of the world-famous 28 species can be seen in Yagodinska Cave. Some of the natural formations are reminiscent of Santa Claus, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Virgin Mary with Child, animal and fairy tale figures.

Due to the enormous total length of the underground galleries, the Yagodinska Cave is also unique for its wealth of animal and plant species.

One of the cave halls has been transformed into a ritual hall for weddings and because of its special energy is often visited by couples in love.

Imagine exploring a cave that was home to its inhabitants 6000 years ago and in the Bronze Age. A dwelling from the Neolithic, or early Stone Age, is located on the first level of the cave. It is the only place in Europe that has been preserved since 4000 B.C. and where a local ceramic centre was clearly to be found. The finds of pottery, tools, charred grains, a ceramic kiln and hand mills prove that until the Bronze Age it was home to skilled potters.

The temperature in the cave is about six degrees Celsius all year round and even in summer we advise you to bring a jacket or sweater, because you are exploring the cave for at least an hour and it gets a bit chilly.



Yagodinska Cave

Yagodinska Cave

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