Wonderful Bridges


Wonderful Bridges

Deep and high in the majestic Rodhopi Mountains, there is a beautiful destination called The Wonderful Bridges (Chudnite Mostove). This is one of the most attractive and impressive natural phenomena in Europe.

The bridges were formed by the erosive force of the once flooded river in the past, which eroded the marble slab into a deep water cave. The ceiling collapsed, creating majestic marble bridges. Actually, the Wonderful Bridges marble arches connect the banks of the Dalbok Dol (Deep Gorge) river. A thousand years ago there was a cave in the riverbed that collapsed after an earthquake. Over the centuries the river washed away the rubble and the beautiful bridges emerged.

There are two large bridges. The larger one is 96 meters long and 70 meters wide. The arch rises about 45 meters above the clear water of the river. The marble block of the bridge is 12-15 meters wide and an eco-route runs over it. There are two caves in the walls of the bridge that are home to many bats and birds. The second bridge is about 200 meters downstream of the river. It is 60 meters long and 50 meters high. It's like a narrow tunnel that turns into a small crevice at the end. It is very interesting that the river disappears into the tunnel and rises again 1.5 km away.

There is also a small third bridge at the back, in which the water disappears from the river, only to reappear at the surface 3 km further on.

Many herbs, flowers and other plant species grow in the area on the rocky hills of the bridges. The Wonderful Bridges are a perfect place for lovers of nature and its beauty.

Legend has it that the Wonderful Bridges originated many years ago when there were still many shepherds. A dragon began to plague the herds of shepherds. The shepherds and their sheep were attacked by the dragon, many years ago, but they came up with a plan: Loading a donkey's carrying bags with flammable powder, and on the way, it was set on fire. The dragon swallowed the donkey with the load, which slowly began to ignite in the dragon.

The monster, looking for enlightenment, tried to hide and dug a hole in the ground. Many years after it died and its body was decomposed, its bones remained like bridges around it. This is how, according to legend, the beautiful bridges were created.

Both bridges are secured and open to visitors, and one can walk both on and under the phenomenon.

When it is in operation, try the most spectacular zipline!



Wonderful Bridges

Wonderful Bridges

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