Sinite Kamani, The Blue Rocks


Sinite Kamani, The Blue Rocks

To continue your exploration of the other Bulgaria, follow the coordinates to Sinite Kamani, (the Blue Rocks). This is located in the mountains called Stara Planina, high above Sliven, 1200m above sea level.

The daredevils among you might consider taking the gondola up to the top of the mountain to be picked up again, this offers you a spectacular panoramic view!
When the rock formations reflect the sunlight at a certain angle, their colour changes to blue, this is the reason for their name: Blue Rocks.

For many Bulgarians, Sinite Kamani is the most beautiful and romantic part of the Eastern Balkans. Legend has it that the natural formation Sinite kamani, was formed by the Greek god Zeus. The park is full of streams, waterfalls, caves, bizarre rocks and spacious meadows with beautiful flowers and wildlife. There are dozens of protected plant and animal species in the park.

If you want to enjoy real ecotourism, that's the place!

There are three recreation zones in the park. The most famous is Karandila. Karan means "healthy place" and has been known for its healing properties since ancient times.

At Karandila you will find a brand-new children's playground, outdoor fitness and other sports facilities, including a spectacular zipline for your children.

In the popular bakery "Karandila-Oven" you will get a treat with your voucher from this bakery with homemade bread and delicious sweet temptations. Make your own picnic on the terraces with your refreshments, the best coffee or tea from the local herbs.




Sinite Kamani, The Blue Rocks

Sinite Kamani, The Blue Rocks

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