Shiroka Laka


Shiroka Laka

Shiroka Laka is located on your route in the Rhodopi, Mountains, 16 km from Pamporovo.

Laka is old Bulgarian for curve, or meander.

Founded in the 17th century, it is now one of the many popular tourist destinations. The village has fortunately preserved its architecture from the Bulgarian Revival period, as well as its musical culture; the beautiful landscape and rich history, guarantee a lasting memory.

Amphitheatrically located on both sides of the river there are beautiful, authentic Rhodopi houses. The old houses have the typical characteristics of the Rhodope architectural style: two-story buildings with bay windows, alcoves and wooden staircases;  wooden benches against the walls and especially small windows. The most visited houses are the Sgurovska House, the Uchikovska House and the Grigorovska House.

If you have the chance, a visit to the Ethnographic Museum is worthwhile, it is also historically preserved inside and is originally decorated.

Very famous is Shiroka Laka because of the Peponedelnik event. A so-called Mummers Festival, where gigantic inhabitants dressed as monsters chase the evil out of the village on the first Sunday of March every year.



Shiroka Laka

Shiroka Laka

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