Rupite, Baba Vanga


Rupite, Baba Vanga

Rupite has everything you want to find during a beautiful vacation.

It is located in the southwest of Bulgaria, in the Pirin Mountain range, on top of the mountain Kozhuh Planina (fur-coat mountain), created after a volcanic eruption more than a million years ago. You will find peace, beauty and there are even hot mineral water springs up to 75 degrees Celsius.

For years now, however, Rupite is particularly known for Baba Vanga, also known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans. After a heavy childhood in poverty, "Grandma" Vanga developed for many,  from a recognized natural healer using all local herbs, to a highly appreciated and respected fortune-teller, many still see her as a contemporary prophet.

In the footsteps you are walking now, even many world leaders have preceded you.

Visit the park, bigger than perhaps expected and beautifully maintained, a life-size statue in honour of her and the St. Petka Bulgarska Temple, built with the money donated to Baba Vanga by all her visitors during her lifetime. There is also a museum with pictures of her visitors, some of them very familiar and with touching experiences.

The place you might remember later the most is the modest house where she lived until her death. Sweet and small, almost like a doll's house with an interior that has remained in its original state.



Rupite, Baba Vanga

Rupite, Baba Vanga

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