Rila Fish “Ribarnik”


Rila Fish “Ribarnik”

For lunch, we offer you another unique experience in the middle of the Rila Mountains.

You will go via Belitsa, a town in southwestern Bulgaria, in Blagoevgrad Province, to Ribarnik ‘Rila’ Fish Restaurant.

Belitsa is picturesquely located in the northeastern part of the Razlog Valley, in the valley of the Mesta River, between the southern slopes of Eastern Rila and the northern slopes of Western Rhodopi.

Past Belitsa, 600m up the main road to the resort of Semkovo you will arrive at a great place where you can fish your own lunch and then have the catch prepared by the local chef of your choice for lunch in a unique entourage.

In addition to the restaurant, the area of the fishpond covers 9 hectares in the mountains, at an altitude of 900m.

Ribarnik - freely translated as fishpond - is a controlled pond with reservoir, filled with fish and generally used in aquaculture for raising fish or used for recreational fishing - as here at 'Rila Fish' Restaurant, or for ornamental purposes.

In medieval European times, it was typical for monasteries and castles to have a fishpond.

'Rila Fish',  offers apart from delicious food and of course fishing, also a playground, small petting zoo, Russian Bath and even mini camping.


In the winter, fishing gets an extra unique dimension because you will unexpectedly experience Ice-fishing. Dober appetite.



Rila Fish “Ribarnik”

Rila Fish “Ribarnik”

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