The idyllic village of Rezovo is located in the Stranzha Natural Parc. It lies at the mouth of the Rezovska River which flows here into the Black Sea.

Rezovo directly overlooks the Turkish bank of the river and the Turkish village of Beğendik.  You are now in the most southeastern part of Europe! The river runs through oak and beech forests, with rapids as far as the Black Sea.
The coast consists of capes and bays. Each bay has perfect sandy beaches connected by an arsenal of coloured rocks formed by centuries of erosion.

This southernmost settlement along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, despite its beautiful pristine beaches, is not yet a busy tourist destination. The village was founded in 1905, but before 1989 access for outsiders was not yet allowed, making it one of the still developing seaside resorts.

In Rezovo there are many horse stables, from where one can make unforgettable rides and spend a few days on horseback along the coast and through the depths of the Strandzha Mountains Natural Park. Declared a Natural Park in 1995, it is in fact the largest in Bulgaria and one of the least explored, which explains the richness of its fauna. The mountain also has many caves and traces of ancient civilizations such as stone figures, sun discs carved in stone, Thracian dolmens and menhirs, ancient fortress walls, and other Bulgarian sanctuaries. Park at the end of the road at Hotel Panorama, and descend at the sign Allee Europa, although in Cyrillic script, but indispensable.

Fantasize downstairs about what all happened here.

After exploring the area you can relax on one of the beautiful quiet sandy beaches and enjoy a cool dip in the Black Sea, preferably in Sinemorets where the beach separates the Veleka River from the sea; an unparalleled spectacle.





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