Razlog Horse Riding


Razlog Horse Riding

Nothing compares to the pleasure of horseriding in the mountains - mountain slopes, fresh air, beautiful scenery, easy movements of the horses or fast galloping through green meadows, clear streams... and the singing of birds.

So don't miss out on experiencing another emotion, with one of our most faithful companions since time immemorial - the horse.

Nowadays, everyone can feel the power, agility, grace and speed of a horse.

Horseback riding in the Razlog region, includes riding in the surroundings of the horse base on a route of the customer's choice, and in accordance with the possibilities and time of riding.

The one-hour ride takes place in the nature of the beautiful Rila Mountains on various terrains, and includes crossing various natural obstacles such as rivers, ravines, fallen trees, climbing and descending slopes, drilling in the forest. This is how the idyll of real, free riding is felt.

For the less prepared, we also offer easier routes on flat terrain, for the time at the customer's request. Longer routes include visits to natural and historical sites, such as fountains, waterfalls, chapels, churches, panoramic views and picnic areas in the mountains. Physical training is not required.Suitable for absolute beginners, as well as for advanced students.

In winter, the horses go down into the village and the walks and rides are in the fields towards the beautiful Rila Mountains.




Razlog Horse Riding

Razlog Horse Riding

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