Plovdiv is said to be one of the oldest living cities in Europe.
It was originally built on seven hills, now there are only six: one was mined centuries ago for the construction of the city.
With its long history and architectural heritage, Plovdiv's old town has acquired UNESCO protected heritage status, and has been given the official designation of "Architecture and Historical Reserve".
As such, it was not surprisingly chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2019. Because of its charm, Plovdiv is compared to other beautiful and historic cities and is called the Bulgarian Florence or Paris of the Balkans.
With its 8000-year-old history, there are many footprints of different periods, such as Troy and Mycenae, but especially the Roman rule is still most clearly visible in the most important places.

- The amphitheatre, which can host 6000 spectators, the gladiators may have disappeared, but nowadays the theatre is very lively, where plays, music and enchanting opera performances are performed.

- Or the well-preserved Roman stadium, one of the best-preserved in the world, which can accommodate some 30,000 people,

- the Ancient Forum,

- Les Thermes

- and many more archaeological sites from the same period.

The old part of Plovdiv, in the heart of the town, which stretches over the three hills, has enchanting buildings in the style of the Bulgarian National Revival, dating back to the nineteenth century, a period of economic and artistic splendour, with houses painted in different colours and attractive wooden balconies.
The most interesting area, considered the jewel of the city and its true heart, is without doubt 'Kapana'. A district whose name means 'Trap'. Once you enter, you will be so fascinated by the magical, warm and welcoming atmosphere that you will never want to leave.
Walk along the main street, the Glavnata Promenade, which stretches for almost 2 km through the old town, over the central square, through the old Roman stadium to the pedestrian bridge above the Maritsa River.





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