Melnik & Melnik Earth Pyramids


Melnik & Melnik Earth Pyramids

Melnik is in many ways a unique place in Bulgaria.

Surrounded by the already described Melnik Sand Pyramids, it is officially the smallest city in Bulgaria, with, according to the last count, only 325 inhabitants; where more than 10 000 inhabitants used to live here in history.

In the middle of a famous wine region, Melnik is now a popular tourist destination.It used to be a famous trading centre with wealthy merchants who owned hundreds of camels (yes, there used to be camels here!) to cross the nearby and faraway lands.

Here not all roads lead to Rome as the saying goes, but all roads lead to the imposing Kordopulova House - a 250-year-old and large Bulgarian National Revival house, with a still-functioning basement in cave-like underground tunnels.

The city is regarded as the Mecca of the Bulgarian Revival architecture,  more than 100 of the original buildings have been designated as historical monuments. Therefore, all reconstructions or even newly built houses have to comply with the Bulgarian Revival architecture.

Traditionally located in the middle of a wine region, it is no wonder that Melnik has developed a robust and celebrated winemaking tradition, Sir Winston Churchill reportedly ordered 500 litres of Bulgarian Melnik wine each year in the run-up to and during World War II.

Of the city's more than 70 original churches, only 3 are still in operation, the most important being St. Anthony's Church. The walls in this church are not covered with biblical scenes, but with more tranquil paintings of flowers and plants, this is in great contrast to what is common in Orthodox churches.

A walk to the St. Nicholas Plateau is almost an obligation, there you will find the beautiful ruins of several churches, monasteries and the old fortress walls. From here the view of the magical Melnik Sand Earth pyramids is also breathtaking.



Melnik & Melnik Earth Pyramids

Melnik & Melnik Earth Pyramids

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