Kovachevitsa & Leshten


Kovachevitsa & Leshten

Before arriving at your final destination, you will pass Leshten

Also an old and historic place with well-preserved old-style houses, the gems of architecture in southwestern Bulgaria. Many of these restored houses have become accommodations for tourists

Follow the road and at the end, you will find Kovachevitsa, located in the steep valley of the Kanina River, over 100 kilometres southeast of Sofia. Park your car before you reach the village because the road stops here and, no real opportunity after that to turn around.

Among other things, but mainly because of its isolated location and freshwater supply, it was founded by refugees from various villages, who tried to escape from the Ottoman domination. As a result, the village has never had an Ottoman government, so the Bulgarian traditions have here been recognizably preserved. Because of this authenticity, Kovachevitsa was designated in 1977 as an "Architectural and Historical Reserve of National Importance".

The houses in the village are almost entirely made of stone, and it is interesting that the roofs are also made of stone slabs. Only the highest houses have a wooden floor. Because of the unique style of both Leshten and Kovachevitsa, with the authentic houses that have retained the spirit of ancient times, these places are often chosen as locations for films. Very worth seeing is the St. Nicholas Church, built in 1847 and the tower was built in 1900. Also interesting is the original school building, now a museum.

Find your way to Byalta Kushta, the White House and have your refreshments or local delicacies, enjoying the overwhelming panoramic view from the terrace.

Not only the village itself is the only attraction, there are many nature reserves in this area and the valley of the Kanina river, maybe also a visit to another historic village in the area - as well as the nature reserve "Temnata Gora" is worthwhile.



Kovachevitsa & Leshten

Kovachevitsa & Leshten

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