Historical Park


Historical Park

Welcome to what, according to the Bulgarians themselves, is the largest historical park in the world.

Designed as a large-scale complex that, in its completed form, extends over more than 50 hectares, you will set off on an interactive journey back 10,000 years in time, through the five eras of human civilization.

All this from the Copper Age, the Stone Age and from the glorious history of the Thracians and Romans, to the heyday of the First and Second Bulgarian Empires.

Through various interactive and educational formats, the Park will offer visitors an experience of millennia-old cultures.  You can take lessons in ancient martial arts, training in traditional skills, horseback riding, and rowing in traditional boats.

Accurate restorations of objects, tools and lifestyle elements from the past will be presented in the five historical eras.  There are traditional facilities for relaxation and food with authentic recipes from antiquity, all prepared with natural Bulgarian products.

For the youth, there is a spacious children's playground and an original search for ancient coins will be organized. A souvenir shop with authentic Bulgarian recreations by artists and masters, of artefacts from the past, will allow you to bring back a beautiful memory.


The adventure of the Historical Park began more than eight years ago, and since the time of its planning more than 4,000 people have been involved, including some of the best Bulgarian archaeologists and advisors, writers, musicians, sculptors, master craftsmen, actors and historians who have meticulously carried out the project in its overall realistic form. The materials used are strictly authentic for the eras involved - stone, wood, marble and ceramics, among others.



Historical Park

Historical Park

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