Eagle’s Eye


After the devilish depths, you are now on your way to eagle heights.

On the way from Devil's Throat Cave to the magical Yagodinska Caves, we have an appointment for Eagles' Eye. You will drive through the so-called Buynovo Gorge, the longest gorge in Bulgaria.

The cliffs on both sides of the gorge rise up to hundreds of meters. The narrowest gorge between the cliffs is called "The Wolfs' Leap"; locals say the wolves would jump into the gorge during the winter to attack the sheep cages.

In addition to caves, the river has carved other interesting formations into the marble cliff. Not far from the Yagodinska cave there is a natural bridge, and close to the bridge is the beautiful Praskolo waterfall. The overwhelming beauty of the Buynovo Gorge can be appreciated from "a bird's eye view", thanks to the Eagle's Eye.

Park your car and let the reserved jeep take you to great heights. You will find yourself on a metal platform built on the steep cliff of the Saint Iliya Peak at an altitude of 1,563 meters, with an impressive view of the entire area.

This unique place offers a magnificent view of the gorge and the nearby villages, as well as the Bulgarian and Greek mountains and peaks in the distance. You may be lucky enough to see a golden eagle or wild goats that are among the most attractive inhabitants of this part of the Rhodopi.

Nowhere else will you experience the same feeling as here, standing on the panoramic platform "Eagle's Eye".Its construction was financed from the proceeds of guided tours of the Yagodinska cave nearby.

Don’t worry: the powerful structure is designed to hold up to three tons, and the railings provide additional safety for visitors. In order to be able to enjoy the landscape in peace and quiet, and for optimal safety, only five people are allowed to stand on the terrace at a time.



Eagle’s Eye

Eagle’s Eye

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