Chengkene Skele


Chengkene Skele

"Chengene skele" is the only authentic fishing village on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - a place with a unique spirit and character, which still preserves the fishing tradition.

The newly built Cultural and Historical Complex , Chengene Skele, has an event hall, a small fishing museum, a small open amphitheatre, a new marina, and a fishing boat workshop for local fishermen.There is a restaurant for visitors, serving local fish specialities prepared according to old recipes. A few small wooden buildings and a reception area with permanent exhibitions and interactive installations presenting the fishing tradition, each on a different topic.

More than 100 collectibles, personal belongings, tools, archives and other interesting items from local fishermen were collected to give an authentic feel to the exhibition. The exhibition houses are called "Taifa", a term used on the Black Sea coast for the last 100 years for a group of fishermen who use pound nets to fish, "Buruntia", meaning Storm and "Euxine Pontus", the ancient Greek name of the Black Sea. During special days, demonstrations are given, making fishing nets and sea knots, enjoying traditional dishes and listening to the locals' stories and legends.

The Chengene Skele Cultural and Tourist Complex welcomes guests by land and sea from Bourgas



Chengkene Skele

Chengkene Skele

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