Beglik Tash


Beglik Tash

You pass Primorsko, a seaside resort situated on a small peninsula where the river Ropotamo runs close to the city. The accommodations and the long beaches offer many summer holiday facilities, especially for guests from Poland and the Czech Republic.

Enter the old beech forest and follow the road, which halfway turns into a dirt road, easily accessible for ordinary cars.
This road will take you to Beglik Tash in a few minutes. After you have parked your car, cross the open field and follow the numbered objects.
This Megalithic sanctuary still holds many of its secrets. It is unknown which civilization founded this unique landmark, a special place for rituals and ceremonies. The most common and accepted theory is that it was built by the Thracians. According to researchers, however, the sacred complex was built in 1600 BC.

Archaeologists did not excavate this place until 2003 and also found many ceramic utensils from the Early Iron Age and later classical antiquity from the Middle Ages.
The man-made stone altar at the end of the natural cave proves that it was used as a place of worship.
Every day around noon, the sun's rays enter the narrow entrance of the cave, projecting onto the marked back of the cave.
According to archaeologists, some of the caves had the shape of a womb and since the sunlight only came in at certain times of the day, that natural phenomenon was seen by the Thracians as symbolic fertilization of the Earthly womb or the Mother Goddess by the Sun God.
The area is an open-air museum that is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year.
The stone sanctuary impresses with its dolmens and menhirs. The enormous stones seem to have inexplicably fallen into place.
Because of the strong energy of the place many people go to Beglik Tash to meditate, to seek healing or to pray for important events.

Look at the marriage bed of the Mother Goddess and the Sun God. Measure the time at the sun clock from arranged boulders. You can try to make your way through the narrow hole between two rocks. Or try to unravel the stone labyrinth.
The stones in Beglik Tash have carved grooves and sacrificial pits, stairs and sun symbols. If you climb some of the rocks you can even enjoy the sunset over the Black Sea.



Beglik Tash

Beglik Tash

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