Bachkovo Monastery


Bachkovo Monastery

The Bachkovo Monastery is located in the north of the Rhodopi Mountains, not far from the town of Assenovgrad. Founded in the 11th century by two Georgian brothers, aristocrats in Byzantine military service, it is one of the oldest monasteries in the entire Balkans and one of the other ten Unesco World Heritage sites in Bulgaria. It is linked to three cultures: the Byzantine, the ancient Georgian and the Bulgarian.

The Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest monastery in Bulgaria and is beautifully situated on a ledge to the right of the valley of the Chepelarska River. The monastery complex is almost 8000 m² and is located about 440 meters above sea level. It includes two large courtyards and four churches.

There are several outbuildings, chapels and the sanctuaries merge silently into the surroundings, a varied mountain landscape. In the monastery there is a two-storey chapel full of murals on both floors.

It is unique in the whole Eastern Orthodox world.

The complex character of this monument, its high degree of authenticity, its role in the cultural interweaving of three peoples in the Middle Ages and the presence of valuable and unique monuments of architecture and painting determine its extraordinary significance.

A small museum with icons is also opened when there is sufficient demand.

Nearby is the National Reserve "The Red Wall". It is famous for its fauna with some rare animals and plants.  A stream brings life to the valley and as it flows further, the water splits into two beautiful waterfalls. The nearby Chepelarska River, called "Chaja" by the locals, has long been the fish supplier for trout.



Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery

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