Madara Horseman


Madara Horseman

" Madara Horseman" a national historical-archaeological reserve is located only 15 km northeast of Shumen, and 75 km from Varna.

In a beautiful natural setting between towering cliffs, people have lived here since the dawn of man. The town of Madara was first inhabited in the Neolithic period (the late Stone Age)

Over the centuries, rock sanctuaries, palaces, hermitages and monasteries have been built here. More than 150 natural caves in the rocks were used as such. Today, dozens of monuments and artefacts from all eras can be seen. The most remarkable monument in the Madara Reserve is the unique stone relief known as the Madara Horseman.

Carved out of a huge cliff about 23 metres high, it stands as a model of early-medieval Bulgarian art. The inscriptions beside the sculpture tell of events that occurred between AD 705 and 801.

  • A horseman in a natural pose with a sword in his hand.
  • Representing the figure of a knight triumphing over a lion,
  • At the feet of the horse a lion, and behind the rider, his hunting dog is depicted.

The stone relief is unique in Europe and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979, and chosen as the national symbol of Bulgaria in 2008.

Walk to the right from the relief and you will find a picturesque chapel, a natural theatre with amazing acoustics and a weeping rock. The tears of which are said to have a healing effect on the eyes. Do not hesitate to massage your eyes with tears.

At the top of the plateau, you will witness an impressive wide panorama.



Madara Horseman

Madara Horseman

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